How We See It

Wellness and recovery

At LWA we believe that wellness comes from the balance of the 8 dimensions (financial, environmental, spiritual, social, physical, intellectual, occupational, and psychological).

At Live Well Alliance, LLC, we practice from the perspective of wellness and recovery. Using the Wellness Model, at LWA we view health as holistic, and a state  of well-being that is achieved by creating balance in our lives. We are not just the sum of our parts, but a greater whole. When we balance different aspects of our life, meeting our needs in these different areas, we create satisfaction, happiness, and healthfulness! 





We work in partnership with our clients to understand what wellness feels and looks like for them, and help them to create a life of balance. We seek to empower our clients, understanding that their perspective of what is true and best in their life is the ultimate measure of their success. We believe that everyone is capable of growth. Pain and suffering don't need to be endured. We want to help you heal and become your best self.