We are a collective of independent health and wellness providers that serve clients around the greater Northwest. Each have different specialties and focus. Please feel free to contact the ones nearest you directly to get more information about their services.

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Gina Guddat



Couples – Individuals – Families


Seattle Office


(888) 232-2022

Relationship Counseling is my Specialty! As a seasoned Couple’s Counselor I can help you no matter what stage or phase you are in with your partner. I offer everything from pre-marital counseling, sex therapy, love enrichment, conscious uncoupling and post-divorce care.It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, depressed or anxious with your relationship. However, bad habits, poor communication, negative thinking and self-defeating patterns can be changed.


I can help you learn to manage and cope with difficult emotions like fear, anger, lack of trust, frustration, sadness and worry. I can give you tools to improve communication, delegate roles and responsibilities, heal the pain of infidelity, fight fair, budget better and manage family and career stress.


Though a holistic, skill-based and solution focused psychology, I offer a positive atmosphere for real change. Let’s embrace a future of hope and health together.

Mackenzie Guddat



Individuals – Teens - LGBTQIA+


Seattle Office


(206) 778-8647

My therapeutic orientation is best described as a holistic and comprehensive approach to counseling. I find that developing insight about the nature of one’s problems within the context of an empathetic and collaborative therapeutic relationship, can lead to healthier relationships and a more satisfying life.


I tailor my treatment approach to best fit the needs and desires of my clients. Some of these approaches may include: Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, Client-Centered, Mindfulness practices, and Strength-based interventions. My hope is to help people recognize that life is a continual balance between stability and growth through acceptance and actualization of self.


I specialize in working with people with Mood Disorders, Trauma and/or PTSD, Transgender or gender concerns, and I am a poly-aware and BDSM-aware therapist.

sarah malchodi



Individuals - Couples - Teens - Families


Renton Office


(206) 420-0833

Hello, my name is Sarah and I am a clinician licensed in the state of Washington as well as an art therapist and drama therapist.  I work from creative therapies, strength based and narrative approaches. 


Creative therapies employ artistic methods to process your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, as well as a way to manage needs and practice problem solving. 

Strength based approaches identify the skills within yourself that are working for you, and use those skills in areas of growth. 


From a narrative perspective, we work together to find the story of your life, and identify how you want to change your story into the life you want to lead. 

During the course of treatment, I may also use a variety of therapeutic modalities such as cognitive and trauma focused behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, mindfulness and psychodynamic approaches. 

lerin herzer



Adults - Teens


Seattle, Telehealth


 (206) 565-0788


My name is Lerin Herzer, and I am a mental health practitioner specializing in trauma

and abuse. I have an extensive background in music, education, and psychology, and am delighted to have continual opportunities to weave these disciplines together. I grew up writing music and have always loved finding words that can anchor others to an image, making the more abstract and nebulous nature of emotions feel more concrete and describable.


Having obtained my specialization in trauma and abuse while navigating the pandemic, I am deeply prepared to work through the complex and compound trauma that individuals experienced in the last few years. Working from an attachment and interpersonal

neurobiological approach, I engage with clients relationally, and work to invite them into exploring their own patterns of relating and behaving. Our trauma deeply impacts our ability to connect with and relate to ourselves and others, thus impacting our ability to handle life's 

stress and many challenges. I hope to create a structure of hope and stability for each client I work with.


I aim to come alongside my clients in the exploration of their story with curiosity,

intention, and care, helping them build a structure of hope that can anchor them through the journey of therapeutic work.

Our time will include seeking to understand past and present patterns of behavior in order to develop a healthy, stable, and well-formed sense of self.

I believe each person’s voice and experience matters and that it would be an honor to engage in storied work. I honor the immense task it is to do therapeutic work and vow to support each

client fully in the process.

Lora Ivanova kim



Adults - Individuals


Seattle, Telehealth


(206) 536-7503 

My therapeutic approach is trauma-informed, integrative, and incorporates the client’s needs and interests. I find great value in the therapeutic relationship and therefore aim to provide a safe and comfortable space for individuals to be authentic in sharing their story and working through issues.


I operate from a person-centered perspective and strongly believe that people know their truth and their story/needs, and sometimes need someone to help guide them and provide balance in their lives. I see value in connection and vulnerability and find that helping individuals from a strengths-based approach allows room for healing. I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families struggling with eating disorders, body image issues, anxiety, depression, and substance use. I integrate mindfulness-based practices, ACT, DBT, and CBT.

jessyca opp



Adults -Individuals - Veterans




(360) 339-8426


  My therapeutic approach is eclectic, including mindfulness, strengths based, person centered integrated approach to healing and empowerment.


We will discuss the possibility of working together to explore what is holding you back from gaining clarity and focus in your life. We will consider goals of the therapy practice and what you envision to change and manifest. In our sessions, we create a plan with clear steps for change while continuously challenging negative self talk, thoughts, and behaviors. We look at family systems, core beliefs, traumatic experiences, and how they have shaped life today over time in sessions to become fully integrated to your human experience.

My passion is integrating your whole self and empowering you to live your best life.


I specialize in working with Co-occurring Disorders, PTSD, Trauma, Veterans, Substance Abuse, Peri-partum/Post-partum, Sex-positive and Kink-Allied. 


Thank you! I look forward to working with you 

Heather Moselle



Individuals - Couples - Veterans




(206) 678-0239

Providing a compassionate, non-judgmental, and highly-collaborative therapeutic relationship for each client is my aim. Whether you have a clear problem and want to create a plan together to address it, or your challenges feel too big to narrow down- I will listen.


My approach provides evidence-based treatment planning grounded in an Adlerian-Feminist theory. We’ll look at what’s going on around you that could be a barrier or a support to help you navigate challenges and transitions, as well as what’s going on within. 


My areas of strength: Couples

therapy with an emphasis on non-violent communication, honesty and respect. Working with military-affiliated couples and individuals. Helping couples navigate

diverse orientations and ways of loving.

Jen Kennelly



Teens - Couples - Eating Disorders




(360) 865-4671


I work with clients around a wide variety of challenges, but specialize in working

with women and adolescent girls who are experiencing struggles around body

image, yo-yo dieting, eating disorders, and substance abuse. As women, we receive

a wide variety of shame inducing messages about who we are vs. who we should be in the world. Understanding the experiences that have shaped who you are

today, is an important step into interacting with yourself in a healthy and kinder

way. This leads to a better relationship with food, our bodies, substances, and those

around us.


I apply a combination of different therapeutic approaches including CBT, ACT, DBT, and mindfulness skill building. I’m a certified Intuitive Eating counselor

who operates from a Health At Every Size framework. My goal as a therapist is to

help my clients accomplish their goals and step into living their best life and


embracing their full potential.

Maiya hale



Adults - LGBTQ+


Kent Office


(253) 242-3646


Making changes can be one of the most difficult things in our lives, and it is one of my passions to support people going through uncomfortable transitions or who are struggling with making difficult choices. My hope is to facilitate the process of change while minimizing the impact on one’s emotional world through tailored

interventions that most often include client centered therapy, solutions

focused therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness based practices. Depending on the client and their support system, this can be done by working in sessions individually, within a couplehood or polyhood, within a friendship, or within the family.


I identify as a Feminist LGBTQ+ Counselor and artist. My passion is in working with folks from a feminist perspective to address systemic and cultural oppression and empower people to live their best life.




renee sundberg



Adults, Teens, Individuals


Seattle Office



Mackenzie nitz

              THERAPIST:  MA, LMHCA


          Teens - Individuals - Adults


                      Tele-Mental Health


I help the people I work with find long-term solutions, develop healthy coping mechanisms, and sustain positive relationships. My ideal clients are those who want to improve their overall wellbeing as well as overcome negative tendencies. I focus on the unique characteristics and perspectives you offer the world to propel you into a more confident, well-rounded version of yourself.


I have a great deal of experience with teens and adults, specifically those dealing with anxiety and depression, in addition to family conflict. I also have insight into the challenges of TTC, infertility, and parenting struggles. I believe that relationships are the basis of everything so I help my clients get through difficult times by improving them. 


I use a multitude of different approaches depending on what each of my clients' goals are including person-centered, CBT, strength-based, psycho-education, and compassionate care. I hope that I can help you build a more solid foundation of love, support, and wisdom for your journey through life.

bridger sperry



Adult, Teens, Individuals


Seattle & Telehealth


(801) 647-1340

To know and to be known authentically is a human desire. But there are times that we are misunderstood, not cared for properly, and plain old hurt in the process of vulnerability. My work as therapist is offering a genuine presence for clients that enables them to see, feel, and address how to heal towards their true self in the midst of a world in constant flux.


I believe in creating a safe space to process the internal thoughts, doubts, and emotions. Our work together will uncover what the causes are of your feelings and how to heal towards wholeness. My

therapeutic orientation uses a relationally based approach with focus on healing through story. My experience counseling adolescence and adults incorporates exploring relationships through lenses of

attachment, shame, divorce, anxiety, grief, sexuality, body image, and trauma.


The first steps towards healing can be intimidating and the healing

work is incredibly vulnerable. It is my desire to walk alongside you and

meet you with acceptance, empathy, and care.