We are a collective of independent health and wellness providers that serve clients around the greater Northwest. Each have different specialties and focus. Please feel free to contact the ones nearest you directly to get more information about their services.

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Gina Guddat



Couples – Individuals – Teens - Families


Seattle Office


(888) 232-2022

Relationship Counseling is my Specialty! As a seasoned Couple’s Counselor I can help you no matter what stage or phase you are in with your partner. I offer everything from pre-marital counseling, sex therapy, love enrichment, conscious uncoupling and post-divorce care.It’s easy to feel overwhelmed, depressed or anxious with your relationship. However, bad habits, poor communication, negative thinking and self-defeating patterns can be changed. I can help you learn to manage and cope with difficult emotions like fear, anger, lack of trust, frustration, sadness and worry. I can give you tools to improve communication, delegate roles and responsibilities, heal the pain of infidelity, fight fair, budget better and manage family and career stress. Though a holistic, skill-based and solution focused psychology, I offer a positive atmosphere for real change. Let’s embrace a future of hope and health together.

Mackenzie Guddat



Individuals – Teens - LGBTQIA+


Seattle Office


(206) 778-8647

My therapeutic orientation is best described as a holistic and comprehensive approach to counseling. I find that developing insight about the nature of one’s problems within the context of an empathetic and collaborative therapeutic relationship, can lead to healthier relationships and a more satisfying life. I tailor my treatment approach to best fit the needs and desires of my clients. Some of these approaches may include: Cognitive-Behavioral, Solution-Focused, Client-Centered, Mindfulness practices, and Strength-based interventions. My hope is to help people recognize that life is a continual balance between stability and growth through acceptance and actualization of self. I specialize in working with people with Mood Disorders, Trauma and/or PTSD, Transgender or gender concerns, and I am a poly-aware and BDSM-aware therapist.

Michelle Hooks



Individuals - Families - Children - Teens


Federal Way Office


  (206) 231-9381 

My approach to therapy is focused on being collaborative, nonjudgmental, strength-based, and client centered. I am predominately trained in evidenced based practices such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) but have experience with several other theories, such as family systems theory. I believe that it’s important to tailor treatment to fit the needs of each individual and/or family. Family systems theory focuses on utilizing the family as a change agent instead of just focusing on a single person. This may include sessions with caregivers to provide them guidance and effective tools for supporting their child or teen at home. 


Over the years I have learned that in order to be an effective change agent, you have to meet the client where they’re at and focus on building a trusting, therapeutic relationship.  I feel that one of my biggest strengths as a therapist is my ability to build rapport by being genuine and having curiosity for the perspective and experience of every single client I meet.


I believe that everyone has a unique set of strengths and resiliencies that can help them in meeting their goals. My hope is to assist in that journey and guide you to a place where you feel you are living a fulfilling and prosperous life. I look forward to providing the support that you need and helping to empower you to take the steps to heal.

Clarkie hussey



Teens - Individuals -Couples - Groups 




(206) 886-9201

There's a certain feeling of a "click" when someone really gets what you're saying; that is the bedrock of therapy as I practice it. I'll keep an eye out for your signs that you're not feeling heard, and encourage you to start to say things like, "That's not what I meant," "That doesn't really

resonate with me," or even "I'm still feeling alone." I hope that from a base of a strong understanding, we will develop the space to re-examine some of your assumptions and consider your difficulties from new angles.


As a queer woman and avid feminist, I will also ask us to look at how your personal experience fits into systemic oppression. My goal in therapy is to use psychodynamic and person-centered principles to help you find new insight, and CBT and DBT exercises to help you translate that insight into new behaviors and skills. I’m particularly conversant with relationship issues, identity struggles, and pregnancy and postpartum adjustment, but I’m here for whatever you’re going through.


I’m currently accepting clients for Saturday and Sunday sessions, so please reach out if you’d like to try working together!



Lora Ivanova kim



Children - Adolescents - Adults - Families


Seattle Office


(206) 536-7503 

My therapeutic approach is trauma-informed, integrative, and incorporates the client’s needs and interests. I find great value in the therapeutic relationship and therefore aim to provide a safe and comfortable space for individuals to be authentic in sharing their story and working through issues.


I operate from a person-centered perspective and strongly believe that people know their truth and their story/needs, and sometimes need someone to help guide them and provide balance in their lives. I see value in connection and vulnerability and find that helping individuals from a strengths-based approach allows room for healing. I have worked with children, adolescents, adults, and families struggling with eating disorders, body image issues, anxiety, depression, and substance use. I integrate mindfulness-based practices, ACT, DBT, and CBT.

sheri waller



Adults -Individuals - Couples


 Gig Harbor


(208) 948-948 


 Sheri Waller provides mental health services, clinical therapy and psycho-therapy to patients struggling with issues related to depression, anxiety, addictions, chronic mental illness, trauma and abuse, family and relationship issues, self-image and self-esteem issues. 


Sheri’s approach to therapy is to provide an encouraging, safe and supportive environment to ensure a collaborative and direct process. She believes that all patients should be acknowledged for initiating therapy because doing so is the most important and most courageous step in the entire process. 


Utilizing this approach, she works with her patients to identify root problems and stressors, clarify goals for treatment, and make the journey toward finding and developing the tools needed to heal and find peace. 


Sheri is licensed to assist patients in Washington State and Idaho, and she has over 16 years of experience working with diverse patients in a variety of healthcare settings.    

CHRIStina wilson



Individuals - Couples - Families


Lynnwood Office


(206) 992-5751


I’m a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been practicing for ten years and I specialize in couples counseling. Couples therapy can involve pre-marital counseling, unblocking patterns of behavior that have become damaging to the relationship, surviving an affair, developing better communication patterns, or even moving towards amicable separation.


In addition, I have specific training and experience working with a broad spectrum of clients who have depression, anxiety, PTSD, substance issues and sexual identity issues. Many of the clients I see with PTSD are vets and I really enjoy working with them.


Prior to working as a therapist, I worked in HR for ten years. I enjoyed that vocation very much as well and because of that work, I am also able to help people with career transitions and various things people deal with in their daily working lives.


If you are interested, call me and let’s talk about how I could be of service.  I would very much like to hear what’s going on for you and let you know I might help.






Individuals - LGBTQIA+ - Groups


Seattle Office


(206) 745-0613


I work with a wide range of adults, including trauma survivors, members of the LGBTQ+ community, people who experience voices, visions, and altered states. I love working with people who are searching for a greater sense of purpose and work/life balance. I provide a safe, curious, and empowering space for you to try out new ways of approaching life's obstacles and of utilizing your strengths.


An anti-oppression framework is embedded in my approach to counseling and I will support your wisdom and experience throughout the process.


I use an attachment lens and integrate ACT, CBT, and other counseling approaches tailored to your specific needs.


Counseling can be a powerful tool to live a life more in alignment with your goals and values and I am excited to begin that endeavor with you. 


Jen Kennelly



Teens - Couples - Eating Disorders


Seattle Office


(360) 865-4671


I work with clients around a wide variety of challenges, but specialize in working

with women and adolescent girls who are experiencing struggles around body

image, yo-yo dieting, eating disorders, and substance abuse. As women, we receive

a wide variety of shame inducing messages about who we are vs. who we should be in the world. Understanding the experiences that have shaped who you are

today, is an important step into interacting with yourself in a healthy and kinder

way. This leads to a better relationship with food, our bodies, substances, and those

around us.


I apply a combination of different therapeutic approaches including CBT, ACT, DBT, and mindfulness skill building. I’m a certified Intuitive Eating counselor

who operates from a Health At Every Size framework. My goal as a therapist is to

help my clients accomplish their goals and step into living their best life and


embracing their full potential.

Maiya hale



Adults - LGBTQ+


Kent Office


(253) 242-3646


Making changes can be one of the most difficult things in our lives, and it is one of my passions to support people going through uncomfortable transitions or who are struggling with making difficult choices. My hope is to facilitate the process of change while minimizing the impact on one’s emotional world through tailored

interventions that most often include client centered therapy, solutions

focused therapy, motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy, and mindfulness based practices. Depending on the client and their support system, this can be done by working in sessions individually, within a couplehood or polyhood, within a friendship, or within the family.


I identify as a Feminist LGBTQ+ Counselor and artist. My passion is in working with folks from a feminist perspective to address systemic and cultural oppression and empower people to live their best life.




mandy engelker



Children (4-up), Youth, Young Adults


Renton Office


(844) 624-7900


I am a compassionate person that truly believes that each person in this world deserves authentic happiness and inner peace. My therapeutic orientation would be best described as a holistic and relational approach to counseling. I view therapy as a process that enables a person to discover self-awareness, to harness self-expression, and explore the capacity to have and hold stronger feelings.


I recognize that everyone has different styles and needs, so I tailor my therapeutic plan to align with what works best for my clients. I incorporate a blend of therapeutic modalities which may include: Client-Centered; Cognitive Behavioral Therapy/Behavior modification; Trauma Informed approach; Solution-Focused; Relational Therapy; Mindfulness; and Psychodynamic/Psychotherapy.


We all have our own journey of growth, and I feel like I have a unique opportunity to create a safe space to support others in healing from experiences that have challenged their sense of self.

celeste cole



Children (10+), Individuals, Adults


Tacoma Office




My approach is strengths based and person-centered. I believe in meeting people where they are at. I truly enjoy helping people grow and adjust to life changes, cope with and reduce stress and improve their overall well-being. I take a holistic approach to my work and focus not just on the mind but also the body.


I am also a 200 hour registered yoga teacher. If desired, I can incorporate aspects of yoga into therapy including breath work, mindfulness/meditation and yoga postures that can be supportive.


In addition to incorporating mindfulness and alternative approaches, I utilize cognitive behavioral therapy and solution focused brief therapy to help clients grow and develop self-awareness. 




Mackenzie nitz

              THERAPIST:  MA, LMHCA


          Teens - Individuals - Adults


                      Tacoma Office


Coming from a background of school counseling, Mackenzie has a great deal of experience working with teens, students, and families undergoing academic and developmental stressors. She enjoys working with clients who want to improve their overall well-being through positive relationships, while overcoming negative tendencies and developing healthy coping mechanisms. Mackenzie also works with couples and individuals who are in the process of starting their families — whether that be trying to conceive, infertility struggles, pregnancy, and postpartum recovery. Additionally, she specializes in helping individuals with anxiety and depression.

lia Kamitsis



Individuals - Adults - Teens - LGBTQIA+


Maple Valley


(480) 458-7967


My approach in counseling focuses on helping people reach their authentic selves. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor who has been involved in the mental health field for over a decade, including work as an individual therapist, leading groups, dual diagnosis (mental health and substance use) populations, developmental disability work, jail programs, and teaching at a community college. I’ve been in private practice for a few years and love to connect with people on that deeper therapeutic level. 


I am most passionate about working individually with diverse populations, including LGBTQ+ clients, people struggling with substance use as well as mental health, and those going through life transitions including leaving a faith or religious organization. All clients ages 13 and up are welcome. While I don’t focus on family work, I have often incorporated sessions with significant others including partners and family when that feels relevant and is in the wishes of the client. 


In therapy, I utilize an eclectic and individually tailored approach, including influences from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, person-centered counseling, gestalt approach (here and now), psychotherapy, and trauma-informed care. I received my undergraduate degree from Arizona State University and graduate degree from Columbia University in New York. Personally, I have experience living within various areas and cultures, including significant time growing up overseas. My passion lies in helping people achieve their goals and dreams. 




Glaiza gatdula



Children, Adolescent, Family


Renton Office


(425) 626-2868  (425) 524-1385


 I am a strengths-based therapist who values meeting my clients where they are at with their life challenges. I believe that every person has their innate strengths. These strengths are their tools to get through difficult life circumstances. My work is to help my clients create awareness of these strengths and guide them in using these as tools to improve their quality of life.


I have worked with children and families in a variety of settings since 2010. I also have worked with families in diverse cultural backgrounds such as military families, minority groups, immigrants and refugees. Most of my work focuses on helping clients find their strengths and use them to manage life stressors, anxiety, depression, adjustment issues, trauma, and acculturation.


I use strengths-based strategies, mindfulness-based, CBT, gestalt approach (here and now), psychotherapy, client-centered, and emotion-focused approach with clients. This combination of approach allows me to help clients develop healthy coping skills, self-discovery, awakening, and appreciate the gift of the present moment.


renee sundberg



Adults, Teens, Individuals


Seattle Office



audrey sines



Teens – Adults – Couples - LGBTQIA+


Spokane Office




I bring over 10 years of licensed counseling experience to my practice. I specialize in helping people find joy, connection, worthiness, and liberation in their lives. My counseling style is accepting, affirming, evidence-based, and always radically pro-YOU.


Feelings of uncertainty, self-doubt, restlessness, worry, and frustration are normal at all stages of life. Our bodies and emotions have important ways of alerting us when something isn't quite "right" with the way we are living, working, making choices, or relating to others. Seeking help through counseling can bring us into a full awareness of who we are and who we want to be - giving us a sense of direction, purpose, and self-worth along the way.


I work with adolescents, adults, and couples who are experiencing difficulties at home, at work, and in their relationships. My counseling approach collaboratively builds a system of support, accountability, and encouragement to help people relieve anxiety, heal from trauma, recover from depression, overcome challenges, and believe in themselves.


I am available for both brief solution-oriented support and long-term psychodynamic therapy. Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions you have about the process. 

joy nelson



Children - Adults - Families


Tele-Mental Health


(530) 536-0553


 Taking the hardest step of asking for help is powerful. You don’t have to do it alone. As a therapist, my goal is to help you honor all parts of your feelings. There is never a

one size fits all solution. My focus ranges from strengths-based, client-centered, solution focused, cognitive behavioral, mindfulness practices and play therapy interventions.


As a Counselor for 10+ years, I have helped many people discover or even re-identify their strengths to move forward in life. I have worked in the fields of education, non-profit and offering counseling to families, pre-teens, teens, young adults, substance abuse clients and the homeless population. I am committed to creating a safe environment where you will feel comfortable exploring and processing life’s barriers.


I look forward to supporting you as you walk through your journey of self-discovery.


shervonne Banks



Individuals, Families, Teens


Seattle Office




Ms. Shervonne Banks is an Integrated Approach Therapist who is passionate about breaking down the stigma of therapy and helping people understand that treatment can promote inner health and wellness.


Shervonne graduated with honors from the University of Massachusetts Boston with a Master of Science in Gerontology. She received her Master of Science degree in clinical social work from the Ethelyn R. Strong School of Social Work at Norfolk State University, where she served as a Graduate Assistant. She completed a post-graduate fellowship in Washington State, where her training focused on anxiety, stress management, depression, and grief and loss. 


Shervonne has a wide range of experience using integrated therapeutic techniques that meet individuals where they are and allow for opportunities of relief, restoration, and growth. Her passion is to work with adults with a clinical focus on prevention, wellness, and behavioral change.


meluleki ncube



Individuals, Families


Seattle Office


 I'm a therapist based in King County and Snohomish County. My experience includes working in community mental health with individuals and families. I have also continued to work in private practice for the past 2 years focusing on anxiety, depression, grief, trauma couples and family therapy.

madison boyce



Adults - Individuals


Marysville / Everett Office




I work with individuals from the age of 18 and up struggling with issues of self-worth, trauma, grief, interpersonal conflict, and those who feel ‘stuck’ in life.


I believe therapeutic change happens through building a relationship with my clients that is based on trust and acceptance. I am person-centered and strength-based, and adjust my treatment methods to fit my client’s needs. My goal is to provide a safe place for my clients to experience being, and be accepted as they are. I strive to assist clients in examining their learned negative beliefs about themselves and the world, and begin to build and install healthier ones. Sometimes we lose hope for our lives, and need help navigating our way back to that candle in the dark.  My focus is to work with my clients on their goals, to stand alongside them during the pains of personal growth, and support them in becoming a healthier and whole human being.


Making that first call to a counselor who you don't yet know can be a big hill to climb over. I want to offer a safe space in which I provide acceptance, genuine interest in you as a person, and humor when called for. I look forward to meeting with you!


Specialties: Trauma work through EMDR and ego state therapy, anxiety treatment through EMDR and CBT, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy